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In 2019, Peggy Lehmann noticed excavation activity in a spring creek on the property adjoining her 56-acre nature preserve along the Gallatin River. She discovered plans by the new property owner to build a 60+ unit glampground on land that is mostly within the 100 year floodplain - land historically subject to flooding. The 2014 Gallatin River flood in this very stretch swamped homes, covered roads and swept debris into the river. Peggy knew she had to do something. You can help by spreading the story, sharing the calls to action and providing financial support to cover professional fees. Please make a financial donation so we can continue the fight.

Creating A Movement

Peggy reached out to property owners, concerned citizens and environmentally focused organizations. In a short time, she assembled a small army of those who share her concern that development in the floodplain might severely damage the fragile Gallatin River eco-system. The group shared information, encouraged petition signing and alerted the press. Peggy was at the forefront of gathering information, doing research, and shedding light on the proposed development and a lot was accomplished. As 2020 came to a close, Peggy’s burning question became, “How do we protect the Gallatin River and safeguard its ecosystem for future generations?”

Her answer: Education and Citizen Engagement!!


A Coalition Becomes A Non-Profit

At the beginning of 2021, Peggy  founded the non-profit with hopes to make a long-term impact and keep this kind of development from putting our river at risk. Peggy scours applications checking for accuracy, employee professionals for technical insights and holds regulatory agencies responsible for following existing regulations.  As our local population explodes and developments encroach on the unique qualities of our Montana lifestyles, Peggy is also fighting to make existing regulations more stringent. She asks, "Would you be willing to advocate for the Gallatin River and discover ways to help protect Montana's pristine natural resources?" Her plans include developing educational opportunities, sharing information via social media, and working with other non-profits and environmentally focused organizations. As Peggy says, “Together we can do more.” We invite you to share in the fight.


We Can Do More

Which 9 mile stretch of the Gallatin River?  

The headwaters of the Gallatin River above the mouth of the canyon are designated Wild and Scenic in proposed federal protections. 

As the river flows out of the mouth of the Gallatin Canyon, it  supports world class blue ribbon trout fishery/populations. The 9- mile stretch we are adopting starts at the mouth of the canyon and ends at the Axtel Bridge in Gallatin Gateway.

We think this section deserves to be protected. Do you?


We are awaiting 501(c)3 classification so your donations will be fully tax deductible. Donate now to help us achieve our goals.

Donate by check to:
Protect The Gallatin River
PO Box 431
Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730-0431
or use the button to donate by credit card or PayPal
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